Learn how you can reduce the number of unsolicited fax advertisements you receive.

Junk faxes are unsolicited advertisements sent to your fax machine. These unsolicited ads may violate federal law. In addition, even if the fax advertisements are legal, you can opt out of future communications.

When Fax Advertisements Are Legal

It is legal for businesses to send you fax advertisements if you give them permission.

If you did not give permission, under federal law, businesses can only send you fax advertisements if:

  1. There is an existing business connection between you and the business – e.g. you are a current or former customer or you submitted an inquiry or application to them

  2. They obtained your fax number directly from you or from somewhere that you provided your number consenting it be available for public distribution 

The fax advertisements must also include information about how you can opt-out of future faxes.

Remove Your Number from Fax Lists

Federal law requires that unsolicited fax advertisements must include a free way to opt out of future faxes– such as a toll-free number, local phone number, website or email address. These contact methods must be available 24/7.

In your opt-out request, include your fax machine phone number.

Businesses must honor you request within 30 days. 

Calling Time Limits

Under Texas law, unsolicited fax advertisements cannot be sent between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. CST.

Report Businesses That Break the Law

Illegal fax advertisements should be reported to the Office of the Attorney General.

You can also report unsolicited fax advertisements to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).