This year more than ever, with an active hurricane season predicted and the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, plan to keep you and your family safe. Sign up for weather and emergency alerts for your local area, prepare your home, and check your insurance coverage. You can also consider where you might evacuate to in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster, and if you want to designate an out of town contact person for others to contact regarding your status during an emergency.   

The CDC recommends taking precautions to protect yourself from Covid-19 when making trips to obtain essential and emergency supplies. Make sure your emergency supplies include any supplies needed to protect yourself from Covid-19, especially in the event you may have to shelter with others. The CDC recommends supplies such as hand sanitizer, soap, and two cloth face coverings per person to include in your evacuation supply kit.  

As part of your preparations, you may also take steps to protect your important documents. Consider safeguarding important documents electronically through USB flash drives or online cloud storage. For hard copy important documents consider a fire-proof, lockable box, and/or renting a safe deposit box. You may also take a household inventory of your possessions with photo or video documentation, to support future insurance claims if needed.  

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You can also learn more about disaster preparedness at the FTC and the CDC’s COVID/Hurricane preparedness site