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Colonias Prevention Regional Offices

Colonias prevention investigators receive inquiries and complaints and investigate alleged violations of the colonias prevention laws. When violations are confirmed, they work with attorneys in the Natural Resources Division to take appropriate action to address the violations.

You can find more information about colonias prevention on our Colonias Prevention page.

Note about email addresses: You can send email to any of the persons listed below by using their first name, a "dot", their last name, and the domain "" (e.g.,

Austin Colonias Prevention Office

Audon (Don) Gutierrez, Lead Colonias Investigator
300 West 15th St, 10th Floor
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: (512) 463-2012
Fax: (512) 320-0052

Corpus Christi Colonias Prevention Regional Office

Pete Z. Rodriguez, Colonias Investigator
6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5857
Corpus Christi, Texas 78412-5857
Phone: (361) 825-2463
Fax: (361) 825-2439

Harlingen Colonias Prevention Regional Office

Linda V. Stockwell, Colonias Investigator
1820 West Jefferson Avenue
Harlingen, Texas 78550-5247
Phone: (956) 364-1560
Fax: (956) 364-0189

Pharr Colonias Prevention Regional Office

Marie Salazar, Colonias Investigator
3508 N. Jackson, Suite 1500
Pharr, Texas 78577
Phone: (956) 664-8606
Fax: (956) 283-1802