Service Provider Access Types

Provider access to the CVC Portal is limited to the following organization types.

  • Victim Advocates - Access provided to professionals to assist victims with the CVC application process
  • Law Enforcement Agency - Access provided to local law enforcement Crime Victim Liaisons and Prosecutor's Victim Assistance Coordinators to assist victims with the CVC application process
  • Medical Providers - Access provided to a person or entity providing billed medical or forensic services to victims or claimants

Note: The CVC Portal only allows one type of organization access per email address. To receive multiple access types, organization users will need to create a new organization account with an email address not associated with the previous account. The email domain may remain the same.

For example:
Advocate Organization- “[email protected]
Medical Provider Organization- “[email protected]

Creating a Provider Account

To receive CVC Portal access, a designated organization account manager must submit a new organization application. Once the organization application is approved, the account manager will receive an email with instructions and a link to complete account setup.

Additional User Access

Additional users can be added to the account after the organization application has been approved.