Frequently Asked Questions
about Child Support Modifications

How can child support be changed?
What is a material and substantial change in circumstances?
I am returning to active military duty and my income will change, what do I do?
I am returning from active military duty and my income will change, what do I do?
I lost my job. My new job pays less than my previous job. Will my child support order change to match my new income?
How do I request the OAG's help to review the amount of my child support order?
What information will the OAG need when reviewing a case for modification?
Will child support be taken out of my unemployment benefits? If so, how will the amount be determined?
My kids were on my employer provided insurance, but that coverage ended when I was laid off. What should I do now?
I'm hoping that I'll be able to obtain a new job that pays close to what I previously earned. Can my child support be temporarily lowered while I'm looking for employment?
I'm only able to obtain part-time work right now; can my order be set based on my part-time wages?
Can the payments I'm making on back child support be adjusted based on my new wages?
I live in Texas and the custodial parent lives in another state (where child support was ordered) how do I file for a modification in this situation?
How long will it take for the child support amount to change if I qualify for a modification?
Is there any way that my child support amount could go up if I request a modification?
Revised: July 21 2011