FY 2022-2023 Grant Application Kits and Applicant Registration is now available for the following three grant opportunities:  

  • Other Victim Assistance Grant (OVAG) 

  • Victim Coordinator and Liaison Grant (VCLG) 

  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Services (SAPCS)-State 

Please read the Application Kits thoroughly for each grant Application you with to apply.

IMPORTANT: To apply for a grant, Applicants are required to first register for an on-line account. Review the Application Kits which include information on Purpose Areas, Eligibility, changes from previous grant cycles and other helpful information.

Significant Changes from previous Kits: 

  • OVAG/VCLG only – Maximum Funding amount for local Applicants 

  • The requirements for Audits  

  • Volunteer Programs (non-profit applicants only)  

  • Training Requirements 

  • The budget submitted with the application will be used as the initial budget if an applicant is funded. 

Grant Offering and Application Lifecycle System (GOALS) – New Format 

GOALS , the system that provides Applicants the ability to apply for grant(s) online, has received an update. Applicants who applied for grants using the system last year will need to register again and the system may look different from the previous grant application cycle.

Applicant Registration 

In order to register, an Applicant must designate one person as their point of contact to submit their grant application. To create an on-line account the entity must email the point of contact information to Grants@oag.texas.gov with the following information:  

  • First Name  

  • Last Name  

  • Email Address (It is highly recommended to use a generic organization email address if available) 

  • Organization Legal Name    

The OAG strongly encourages Applicants to register by April 9, 2021 in order to have sufficient time to complete the application via GOALS by April 23, 2021. 

Eligible Applicants

The following entities are eligible to apply under the OVAG Program: 

  • Local units of government; 

  • Non-profit agencies with 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(3) status; or  

  • State agencies, including universities. 

The following entities are eligible to apply under the VCLG Program: 

  • A local criminal prosecutor, defined as a district attorney, a criminal district attorney, a county attorney with felony responsibility, or a county attorney who prosecutes criminal cases, may apply for a grant to fund a victim assistance coordinator (VAC) position, or part of a position, for a victim assistance coordinator, as defined in Article 56A.201 and 56A.202 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. 

  • A local law enforcement agency, defined as the police department of a municipality or the sheriff's department of any county, may apply for a grant to fund a crime victim liaison (CVL) position or part of a position, for a crime victim liaison, as defined in Article 56A.203 and 56A.204 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. 

The following entities are eligible to apply under the SAPCS-State Program:  

  • Sexual Assault Programs

FY 2022-2023 Grant Application Cycle Related Materials  

Applications are due Friday, April 23, 2021 via the manner required, as stated in the FY 2022-2023 Grant Application Kit.

Refer back to this page for frequent updates.