The OAG ICAC is responsible for 134 counties within the Southern Texas ICAC Region which stretches along the Texas coastline and East towards the state of Louisiana. The geographic area of responsibility has a population exceeding 10 million people.


To provide support for the operation of the Southern Texas ICAC Task Force administered by the Office of the Attorney General (OAG). The Task Force is responsible for combatting on-line child exploitation including the sexual solicitation of children, and the dissemination of child pornography and child violence images or materials on the Internet. The ICAC grant funded personnel are critical in addressing the increased caseload and providing investigative and forensic assistance to law enforcement in the areas where an expertise involving internet crimes against children is required.

Contracts awarded under the ICAC grant may be used to:

  • Allow the agencies to receive training,
  • Purchase necessary equipment,
  • Purchase necessary software,
  • Purchase other assistive technology products; and
  • Provide expenses to expand their abilities to investigate technology-facilitated child exploitation and child pornography cases.


An organization must be a local law enforcement agency that is affiliated with the task force. The affiliates who receive the funding are chosen based on a needs assessment.