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Nobody should fear for their life while attending a worship service, and volunteer security at houses of worship can provide immediate, life-saving responses that protect worshipers in dangerous situations. To empower the brave men and women of volunteer security teams to legally and effectively protect worshipers from any potential threat, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton provides these descriptions of the law, pathways to security training programs, and grant funding opportunities.

Volunteer Security in Houses of Worship

Texas law allows churches, synagogues, and other established places of worship to establish security teams without obtaining a license or permission from the state, if the individuals providing the security services follow specific rules.

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Security Teams for Houses of Worship

What is the Law? Are houses of worship required to hire licensed security guards? May volunteer security team members wear a uniform or badge that identifies them as security? Does the law require any special training for volunteer security team members?

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Laws and Resources

We have helpful resources on the state and federal laws that are available to secure and protect houses of worship.

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