Commercial Lodging Human Trafficking Training Review Process

LAST UPDATED: 12/17/2021

Procedures to Obtain Approval from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG)

Initial Approval for New Applicants

Step 1: Develop and Self-Assess Human Trafficking Training 

External entities interested in submitting a human trafficking training course for review and approval by the OAG should carefully review the OAG Commercial Lodging Human Trafficking Training Standards (hereinafter the “Standards.”). To be approved as a training course that meets the requirements of House Bill 390, the course must comply with the Standards. The Standards are designed to ensure approved trainings comply with statutory requirements, adhere to best practices, include a comprehensive overview, considers trauma-informed practices, and uphold survivor- informed principles.

Step 2: Submit Application and Training Course for Review 

Applicants should submit the Commercial Lodging Human Trafficking Training Application (hereinafter the Application) for review to the OAG via email to [email protected]. The Application should include the course outline, handouts, power-point slides, notes, and any other relevant content for consideration. It should include a title, brief description of the training, and specify whether the training would be delivered in person or online and the approximate length of the course. In addition, the Application should clearly state the applicant’s contact name and information, including both the applicant’s email and telephone number. If the training is online, the application should include a link to where it can be viewed.

The OAG will send a confirmation email upon receipt of the Application, with instructions on how to submit a recorded copy of the training if applicable. 

Step 3: Review 

The OAG will review each Application using the Commercial Lodging Human Trafficking Training Standards. If the Standards are met, the Application will be recommended for OAG approval. If the Application fails to meet the Standards, the OAG will return an evaluation that will outline areas that failed to meet the Standards. The review process will take approximately 60 business days to complete once the OAG receives a completed Application, including a link or the recorded copy of the training.

Step 4: Approved Trainings 

Once the OAG approves a training, the OAG will notify the applicant, and the training will be added to the OAG’s Commercial Lodging Human Trafficking Training approved list. The OAG will post approved trainings on the OAG Commercial Lodging Human Trafficking Training Resource Center webpage within a reasonable time after approval. The applicant may choose whether the training is made available to the public or whether it is a proprietary training for private business use only. If it is public, a link to the training will be provided on the OAG website. If it is private, it will only be listed on the OAG webpage.

If the training is not approved, the OAG will provide the applicant with a detailed justification notice outlining the reason(s) for denial. If the applicant revises the training in accordance with the justification notice and Standards, the course may be re-submitted for a subsequent review following the same process.

Trainings approved for use in 2022 will remain active until the next review cycle. 

The OAG reserves the right to remove approved training courses from the OAG’s Commercial Lodging Human Trafficking Training approved list to comply with any significant and unforeseen statutory changes or applicable policy revisions. External entities must notify the OAG in writing at [email protected] if their approved training is revised or changed at any time, within five (5) business days of the change.