Established to increase collaborative efforts across the state, the Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Coordinating Council and Task Force bring together local, state, and federal agencies and nongovernmental partners to bring an end to human trafficking in Texas and address its impact. Texas must be equipped to recover and care for victims of human trafficking and to prosecute the traffickers who have exploited them. Texas has a multitude of community collaborations across the state addressing human trafficking, some formal, some informal, but all doing important work.

Multidisciplinary collaborations capture the entire human trafficking spectrum from prevention, to investigation, to prosecution, and to the support services necessary to provide a comprehensive perspective.

As the presiding officer, the Office of the Attorney General leads these diverse and collaborative bodies in the fight against human trafficking. Texas’s statewide response to human trafficking includes:

  • Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Coordinating Council
  • Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force
  • Task Force Affiliates