Eradicating human trafficking requires collaboration among multiple systems and organizations. Robust, ongoing coordination and collaboration of human trafficking stakeholders is essential. Developing and strengthening our ability to foster key relationships and form strategic partnerships will improve the overall success of our mission to combat human trafficking. Because partnering is a central theme that is threaded throughout the Strategic Plan, the Coordinating Council intentionally chose to highlight Partner as the foundation to all pillars and identified strategies. Partnerships, collaborative efforts, and effective stakeholder coordination is integral to Prevent, Protect, Prosecute, and Provide Support to human trafficking victims. 

Partner Action Plan:

  • Invest in building expertise to drive policy and practice. 

  • Encourage the growth of public-private partnerships. 

Webinar: Identify and Build Partnerships

Human Trafficking can only be combatted through partnership on all levels: law enforcement, faith-based organizations, non-profit and corporate partners, anti-trafficking groups, survivors, and you. Effective policy is driven by working in concert to develop expertise and fight this crime together.