The phrase “human trafficking prevention” is often used by advocates and policymakers to describe any effort aimed at addressing the crime, including education, victim identification, and law enforcement activities. While we recognize that efforts to respond after victimization have the capacity to prevent further exploitation, in order to end human trafficking, these efforts must be complemented by primary prevention strategies that seek to stop victimization before it occurs. 

Prevent Action Plan:

  • Enhance community awareness.  Fight myths and get out the truth. 

  • Identify and address risk and protective factors. 

  • Reduce demand.  Support legislation that penalizes buyers. 

  • Assess the prevention landscape. What is already working in your community? 

  • Develop statewide prevention framework and guidelines. 

  • Reduce vulnerabilities. 

  • Utilize school-based prevention education. 

Webinar: Assess the Threat of Human Trafficking in Texas

Prevention is all about assessing the threat of human trafficking. We can reduce vulnerabilities and the demand-side of this horrific crime through a statewide network and guidelines, enhanced community awareness, and targeted prevention education.