One primary pillar to combatting human trafficking is the successful prosecution of those who commit this crime. There are many challenges to prosecuting human trafficking cases, and many of those challenges arise from the nature of the victimization. Victims may not self-identify, may not cooperate with law enforcement, and may fear law enforcement. When victims feel secure, they are more likely to cooperate with law enforcement and prosecutors, leading to successful prosecutions. 

Prosecute Action Plan:

  • Encourage prosecutors to charge Human Trafficking offenses whenever possible.  

  • Train prosecutors across Texas on human trafficking issues and utilize trained prosecutors on trafficking cases. 

  • Encourage human trafficking stakeholder partnerships.

Webinar: Prosecute Human Trafficking Using All Tools Available

Texas has the second highest number of human trafficking cases reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline since its inception. Trained and collaborative prosecution holds exploiters accountable to the state’s strong trafficking statutes.