For victims who have been recovered by law enforcement or who have otherwise decided to leave their trafficker, safety is one of the most—if not the most—pressing need. Victims who try to escape, but are unsuccessful, often find themselves subject to brutal reprisal from their trafficker. Fear of such brutality makes escape all but an afterthought for many victims. For this reason, identifying and arresting human traffickers and purchasers is critical to anti-trafficking protective responses. This pillar focuses on strategies needed to enhance the protection of victims. 

Protect Action Plan:

  • Collaborate to identify and rescue victims. 

  • Utilize victim-centered interdiction. 

  • Train law enforcement in human trafficking issues. 

  • Ensure protective measures are used.

Webinar: Investigate and Conduct Human Trafficking Operations

Victims of human trafficking can be protected with empowering collaborative responses and trauma-informed investigations. Government entities, law enforcement agencies, and non-governmental organizations are partnering together to identify, rescue, and serve victims.