Since 2010, the Task Force, made up of an array of well-informed human trafficking stakeholders, has made 84 recommendations to the Texas Legislature to address human trafficking. Of the 84 recommendations made, 76 have become law. These legislative enhancements have equipped law enforcement and prosecutors with the tools needed to effectively punish traffickers and seek justice for victims. They have also aided in human trafficking prevention and education efforts, as well as supporting trauma-informed care for trafficking survivors. The recommendations put forth by the Task Force and passed by the Texas Legislature over the past 10 years reflect the statewide partnerships and commitment to improving Texas’s response to trafficking.

Texas has made significant strides in combatting human trafficking, but there is still much work to do. Effectively fighting this crime requires a comprehensive, coordinated response from all facets of human trafficking prevention, protection, prosecution, and support services. The recommendations below are the product of several months of collaboration by Task Force members, and they garnered overwhelming support from Task Force members as ways to improve Texas’s anti-human trafficking efforts. Further, the proposals support the strategies and recommendations outlined in the Texas Human Trafficking Coordinating Council’s five-year strategic plan. The proposed legislative changes will continue to keep Texas at the forefront in the fight against human trafficking.

2020 Legislative Recommendations