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AG Pax­ton Files Mul­ti-State Brief to Pre­vent Fed­er­al Overreach

“We're asking the 11th Circuit to uphold the lower court's ruling and prevent overreach by the federal government,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Congress had every reason to believe that federal enforcement of the ADA against the states themselves was not necessary because every state in the union has a history of protecting disabled citizens from discrimination that pre-dates the ADA. Title II of the ADA provides legal recourse to any person alleging discrimination under the law, and that in itself serves as a substantial enforcement procedure.”

January 24, 2018

AG Pax­ton: D.C. Court Rejects Chal­lenge to Pres­i­dent Trump’s Author­i­ty to Appoint CFPB Act­ing Director

“I am pleased that the district court recognized that longstanding legal precedent supports the president's power to appoint personnel in this situation. The CFPB was operating in an unaccountable and unauthorized fashion,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Accountable government requires some oversight over our independent regulators. The CFPB's rogue behavior cannot go on unchecked.”

January 12, 2018

AG Pax­ton Leads 16-State Coali­tion Urg­ing Pres­i­dent Trump to Include Inde­pen­dent Agen­cies in Reg­u­la­to­ry Reform Efforts

“We're suggesting President Trump sign an executive order requiring independent agencies to submit their rules for White House review, just as other federal agencies must do,” Attorney General Paxton said. “The existing framework leaves American workplaces at the risk of rules that may rely on incorrect data and assumptions, that are based on politics, not expertise, or that are inconsistent with other rules. Accountable government requires some oversight over our independent regulators.”

December 20, 2017

AG Pax­ton, West Vir­ginia AG File 13-State Brief to Sup­port Pres­i­dent Trump’s Action on Con­sumer Finan­cial Pro­tec­tion Bureau

“Longstanding legal precedent supports the president's designation of Mick Mulvaney as acting director of the CFPB and ensures a smooth transition of leadership at a rogue agency that has been operating all along as an unaccountable, unauthorized separate branch of government,” Attorney General Paxton said.

December 18, 2017