Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is leading the way in the antitrust investigation of Big Tech, including the “Jedi Blue” online advertising agreement between Google and Facebook (a/k/a Meta).  Just this month, the EU and U.K.’s watchdog groups announced that they have joined the fight to protect the free online marketplace that Big Tech has repeatedly threatened. Both the European Commission and the Competition and Markets Authority launched investigations into Google and Facebook concerning the “Jedi Blue” agreement, solidifying the effort to end Google’s monopolization of the internet.   

“I’m proud to welcome the help of the EU and the U.K. to bring an end to the monopolistic business practices of Big Tech,” Attorney General Ken Paxton said. “Google demonstrably diminished publishers’ ability to monetize content, increased advertisers’ costs, and directly harmed consumers. I will not stop pushing for reform in the digital space until order and free competition is restored.” 

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