Attorney General Paxton is calling out the Biden Administration for ending the Trump era immigration policy, Title 42, which allowed for the swift deportation of illegal aliens to prevent the spread of COVID-19. General Paxton sued the Biden Administration in April 2021 to force it to keep Title 42 in place. Now that the administration has announced its intention to terminate Title 42 effective May 23, top border immigration officials warn that the likely result will be an influx of tens of thousands of illegal aliens crossing the southern border, bringing COVID-19 and crime into our communities.

“The removal of Title 42 will surely exacerbate Biden’s border crisis. Law enforcement officials have been spread thin arresting violent, illegal aliens who have been incentivized to cross our border by Biden’s reckless policies,” Attorney General Paxton said. “I will continue to combat the federal government’s neglect of border security and make sure it is held accountable for endangering communities in our great state.”