Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit defending Senate Bill 8, a law that protects unborn human lives from brutal dismemberment abortions. Senate Bill 8 ensures the humane treatment of unborn children while still allowing other second-trimester abortions that are safe and effective.

“During the trial of this case, through compelling testimony and documentary evidence, my office exposed the horrific truth of dismemberment abortions. This barbaric procedure completely disregards respect for human life and humane treatment of the unborn,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Senate Bill 8 promotes dignity and respect for human life as well as the integrity of the medical profession.” 

Abortion by dismemberment kills fetuses by using forceps to tear them apart limb by limb while they are still alive, causing the unborn child to bleed to death in their mother’s womb. Although the U.S. Supreme Court previously held that states may pass laws to protect and foster respect for human life, including unborn life, the U.S. District Court in Austin ruled against Senate Bill 8 the day before it was to take effect.

The law was put on trial in November 2017 and the district court ruled in favor of abortion providers who challenged Senate Bill 8. Attorney General Paxton immediately filed a notice of appeal to the 5th Circuit, followed by today’s brief. Oral argument before the Fifth Circuit should occur in the next few months.

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