Attorney General Paxton filed his third lawsuit against Google, again alleging that the company is systematically misleading and deceiving Texas consumers in violation of Texas’ Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

This most recent Google lawsuit argues that the company misled Texas consumers by continuing to track their personal location even when users thought they had disabled this feature. Google then uses the deceptively gathered data to push advertisements to the consumer, earning the Big Tech company enormous profits.  

Google provides a setting called “Location History” and tells users that, if they turn it off, “the places you go are no longer stored.” In spite of this assurance, Google continues to track users’ location through other settings and methods that it fails to adequately disclose.

“Google’s founding motto is ‘Don’t Be Evil.’ And yet it systematically lies to millions of consumers in order to stack billions of dollars into its coffers,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Big Tech companies like Google continue to erode the American way of life and often break the law to maintain their overwhelming dominant market position. This lawsuit is just another part of my fight against Big Tech. I’ll hold Google accountable for misleading and deceiving Texans. This is not only an unethical invasion of privacy—it’s against the law.”

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