Attorney General Ken Paxton met with Fire Chief Jody Forbus of Carbon, Texas to tour the area ravaged by the blaze and address one of the largest wildfires in our state’s history. At a Friday press conference General Paxton offered his support to the affected communities and discussed strategies to help rebuild the after this devastating event. The area is about 120 miles west of Dallas and resulted in massive destruction to both residential and commercial property when winds and low visibility only worsened conditions of the fire that began late last week. 

Governor Abbott has declared a state of disaster for 11 counties after four fires burned over 54,000 acres and  destroyed 86 homes — most of the town of Carbon. Eastland County Sheriff's Sgt. Deputy Barbara Fenley passed away on March 17th while helping to save others from the fire. This fire was larger than the catastrophic Bastrop fire of 2011 that destroyed over 30,000 acres and killed four people.   

“So many in Eastland County were left without homes, without supplies, and they need our help,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Texans know how to come together when tragedy strikes and I want the residents of Carbon, along with surrounding communities to know that I will do everything possible to help in the aftermath of this tragic event.” 

Approximately 14 state agencies have been deployed, along with 58 fire departments to help provide equipment and support. There are approximately 18,000 residents in Eastland County with almost 500 homes evacuated.