Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has awarded four lump-sum death benefits for fallen soldiers in Texas’ Operation Lone Star. Pursuant to legislation enacted by the 88th Legislature, eligible active-duty military members and national guardsmen deployed for Operation Lone Star are now provided a death benefit.

The legislation provides that the surviving spouse, child, or parent will receive the benefit if the individual died while on active duty in connection with operations initiated to address criminal activity in the border region. Governor Abbott initiated Operation Lone Star in 2021 and it continues to protect the public from the dangerous flow of illegal activity enabled by the Biden Administration’s reckless immigration policies.

“Although nothing can replace a family’s loved one, our state seeks to honor the cherished memory and brave service of those who lost their lives in Operation Lone Star,” said Attorney General Paxton. “We have the opportunity to honor their sacrifice by distributing this benefit through the Crime Victim Compensation Program.”