Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has won an injunction pending appeal against the Biden administration, preventing the federal government from continuing to destroy concertina wire barriers placed by Texas in response to the historic invasion of unvetted foreign aliens into the state. 

Previously, despite recognizing that the federal government had failed to enforce existing immigration law, a federal district court concluded that the Biden Administration enjoyed sovereign immunity. The judge allowed Border Patrol agents to resume the destruction of Texas-owned barriers. Attorney General Paxton immediately appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which concluded that the federal government was not immune from suit and enjoined Biden’s border agents from damaging, destroying, or otherwise interfering with Texas’s concertina wire fence while the issue continues to be litigated. 

“I am very pleased the appellate court has forbidden federal agents sent by the Biden administration from destroying our concertina wire fences,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Given the ongoing disaster at the southern border due to the federal government’s intentional actions, more than ever it is necessary to take every step we can to hold the line. I will continue to fight against the Biden administration’s radical policies and work to make Texas a safer, more secure place to live.”

The Office of the Attorney General and co-counsel the Texas Public Policy Foundation will continue defending Texans from the dangerous consequences of the Biden administration’s open borders policies.

To read the injunction, click here.