Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sued to block a recent expansion of President Biden’s climate policy, a new Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) rule. EPA’s new rule alters the national ambient air quality standard (“NAAQS”) for particulate matter. Only six months after the EPA had reviewed the issue, the agency did an about-face when President Biden directed EPA to redo its review as part of a broader effort to “tackle the climate crisis.”

The EPA’s NAAQS rule is not based on sound science and it will impose significant economic harm on Texas. Further, the rule and its corresponding compliance costs will result in the closure of manufacturing and industrial facilities, putting workers out of jobs and devastating the surrounding communities.

“This new rule improperly imposes a huge burden with no scientific basis,” said Attorney General Paxton. “I will always use every available avenue to block Biden’s extremist climate agenda, especially when federal policy undermines Texas industry and destroys Texas jobs.”

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