Attorney General Ken Paxton joined a coalition of 19 states in a letter urging President Biden to recalibrate his energy and environmental policies to put Americans, national security, and our environment first. Despite acknowledging that a pipeline is the “best way to go” when it comes to transporting fossil fuels, the Biden Administration continues to push for closures and crippling regulation. 

On his first day in office, President Biden issued an executive order purporting to revoke the Keystone XL Pipeline permit, which would kill thousands of jobs, eliminate billions in economic opportunity, and further jeopardize American energy independence.  

“The failures of Biden’s energy policy were evident immediately after the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. Our nation needs secure, reliable, and independent energy. We cannot afford to deprive Americans of vital energy resources while chasing an unrealistic Utopian vision,” said Attorney General Paxton.  

Read the letter here.