Attorney General Paxton applauds the Middle District of Florida Court’s decision to grant a preliminary injunction in the case of Florida v. Becerra, where Florida argued that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) did not have the authority to issue its Conditional Sailing Order that has delayed the reopening of the Cruise Industry. The Court agreed with Florida and ruled that the CDC exceeded its authority in adopting the Conditional Sail Order. The Court has given the CDC a July 2 deadline to propose a narrower injunction that is consistent with its lawful authority to safeguard public health yet permits cruise ships to sail by or before July 18 and is supported by current and disclosed scientific evidence. The Court also held that the CDC may continue to urge cruise ships to abide by its Conditional Sailing Order, but only as a non-binding recommendation like the guidelines that apply to other similar industries, such as airlines and hotels.

“The CDC does not, and should not, have the power to destroy entire industries by imposing unfair and unlawful restrictions that threaten the livelihoods of many and the economy,” Attorney General Paxton said. “I am pleased that the Court saw this extreme overreach and urgently remedied it. We cannot allow the CDC to cherry-pick which industries are allowed to prosper as we begin to recover from this life-altering pandemic.”

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