Attorney General Paxton sent a comment letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”), offering critical commentary on a proposed new rule that would crush economic development in different parts of the United States.  

EPA’s proposed rule would dramatically alter the national ambient air quality standards (“NAAQS”) for particulate matter. This rule was finalized even though a careful review spanning six years, which culminated in 2020, determined that the NAAQS were already at an appropriate level to protect public health.  

Lacking adequate scientific evidence to change the NAAQS, EPA’s rule would greatly expand its authority in order to implement the Biden Administration’s radical policy agenda.  

Even though the proposed rule lacks any meaningful scientific justification, it nonetheless poses a very real danger to economic development. The letter highlights that the proposed rule and its corresponding compliance costs would likely require the closures of existing manufacturing and industrial facilities, hurting the surrounding communities and leaving workers without jobs.  

The Kentucky-led comment letter states: “The EPA should withdraw the proposed change. The Proposed Rule exceeds the EPA’s statutory authority under the Clean Air Act, fails to offer sufficient scientific evidence demonstrating a need to revise the NAAQS, and imposes real harm. We, therefore, urge the EPA to withdraw the Proposed Rule and maintain the current NAAQS.” 

To read the full comment letter, click here.