Attorney General Paxton has filed a motion for preliminary injunction against a new Biden Administration visa program that will invite hundreds of thousands of aliens from certain foreign countries to be “paroled” and let loose into the U.S. every year. AG Paxton announced his lawsuit against this Biden Administration policy last month.  

Promulgated by the Department of Homeland Security, the new program involves the Biden Administration proactively recruiting hundreds of thousands of aliens while they are in their home countries and using taxpayer dollars to fly them into interior cities around the country. These aliens could then stay in the United States for years.  

The steep costs of admitting hundreds of thousands of aliens—millions of dollars in spending on healthcare, law enforcement, and education—would be a massive burden to Texas. For this reason, the motion for preliminary injunction asks the Court to suspend the Biden Administration’s unlawful parole program until a final hearing can be held on the merits of the case.    

“Instead of rolling out the red carpet for hundreds of thousands of aliens and using taxpayer dollars to bring them into the country, Joe Biden should be focused on securing our border,” said Attorney General Paxton. “This illegal parole program is yet another example of Biden and Mayorkas’s desperation to ignore our nation’s laws to advance an open-borders agenda. Though nothing about the lawlessness of the Biden Administration has indicated that it even remotely cares about protecting our sovereignty and bolstering our border security, I will continue to sue to hold them to their duty to obey the law and protect American citizens.” 

To read the full motion for preliminary injunction, click here.