Attorney General Paxton has joined a Kentucky-led amicus brief filed in the Cincinnati-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, seeking judicial protection for members of the Air Force who are being coerced to take the Covid-19 vaccine against their will and in violation of their religious beliefs. A district court previously granted a narrow preliminary injunction protecting the Airmen seeking religious exemptions. The coalition is now asking the Sixth Circuit to affirm that decision.  

Despite many of these Airmen fully exhausting every administrative outlet to receive an exemption, including providing a chaplain’s confirmation that the vaccine significantly burdened their religious beliefs, the Air Force has refused to grant exemptions. The brief also responds to some of the Air Force’s defenses of these forced vaccinations, which stem from what was clearly a politically-motivated mandate from the Biden Administration.  

Far from infringing on military decision-making, the court’s decision to affirm would safeguard the religious freedom of those who are willing to sacrifice everything for our country. It would also likely boost morale and military recruitment by protecting the rights of not just current service members, but also future service members who may now decide not to join our military for fear of being forced to take a vaccine that violates their religious beliefs.  

“No doubt, each of those Airmen serves his country for various reasons. But likely one, perhaps common to all, is to help protect others’ rights—including those of religious liberty. Surely, the Airmen do not do that at the expense of their own such rights,” the brief reads.  

To read the full brief, click here.  

This is one of several actions Attorney General Paxton has taken in recent months to defend the American heroes facing forced vaccination that violates their religious beliefs, including joining a similar amicus filed in late August.