Attorney General Ken Paxton obtained an agreed judgment against DRINK UVO, a California company that sold a drinkable sunscreen product that was promoted as providing hours of sun protection which misled consumers with false and grossly exaggerated claims. 

The judgment orders DRINK UVO to pay a total of $42,500 in favor of Texas within 10 days, with $12,500 in attorneys’ fees and $30,000 in civil penalties. 

The Attorney General’s lawsuit alleged that DRINK UVO violated the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and Texas health and safety laws, by marketing, advertising and promoting the product without reliable scientific evidence. DRINK UVO claimed its product protected users against the damaging effects of solar radiation for at least three hours, was suitable for everyone exposed to the sun, and marketed it with an SPF30 rating – despite never having conducted FDA-compliant research to determine the product’s Sun Protection Factor. Citing a purported scientific study, they also claimed that the drink’s 30-plus vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients were scientifically proven to work and repair skin from sun damage. But the company failed to disclose that its study was not peer reviewed and was in fact conducted by its founder, with only a small number of subjects. 

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