Attorney General Paxton has joined a multistate letter sent to Commissioner Califf of the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) after the FDA made radical changes to its policy regarding specific abortion drugs.  

Previously, the FDA had imposed restrictions on certain abortion-inducing drugs, including mifepristone. Under those rules, the letter notes, mifepristone “could only be prescribed by a qualified physician and administered in a hospital, clinic, or medical office and only by or under the supervision of such a physician.” This was due to the dangerous nature of the drug.  

However, after the Dobbs decision, the FDA dispensed with these safety requirements to allow the drug to be taken without the guidance or supervision of a medical professional. In doing so, the FDA abandoned its traditional mission to protect the American public in order to facilitate a pro-abortion agenda. Its new policy also conflicts with federal law, which bans the Post Office from delivering abortion-related drugs.  

But the FDA’s dereliction of duty will not prevent Attorney General Paxton and allied attorneys general from protecting their citizens’ health. As the letter concludes: “Though the FDA has abdicated its responsibility to protect women’s health, we have not. To be crystal clear, you have not negated any of our laws that forbid the remote prescription, administration, and use of abortion-inducing drugs. The health and safety of our citizens—women and children included—is of paramount concern. Nothing in the FDA’s recent changes affects how we will protect our people.” 

To read the full letter, click here.