Attorney General Paxton has signed a multistate letter led by Florida and Connecticut requesting the Biden Administration designate fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction.  

Cheap but incredibly lethal, fentanyl from countries like China and India has increasingly been transported across our wide-open southern border and sold by Mexican cartels and drug dealers. The change in classification would ensure agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Agency, and Department of Defense can work together around the clock to stop the distribution of this poison.   

Fentanyl is a drug that continues to terrorize every community in America, regardless of geographic, economic, or social background. It has taken hundreds of thousands of lives in recent years, left countless friends and family members devastated, and has become the number one killer of adults from ages 18 to 45.  

For so many individuals and families across this country, fentanyl has already caused mass destruction. To treat it as anything less is more than just dangerous—it’s a serious dereliction of duty that will only lead to more deaths and tragedy.  

“We must not sit idly by until a terrorist chooses to inflict harm using this substance on a large group of Americans—our countrymen are already dying from this poison. We cannot wait for tragedy to strike when proactive steps can be taken now to preserve American lives. We urge you take immediate and decisive action and declare fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction,” the letter concludes.  

To read the full letter, click here.