Attorney General Paxton joined a Georgia-led amicus brief in a Tyler, Texas federal district court supporting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s motion for summary judgment in a case against the Biden Administration’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”).  

The case was brought after the Biden Administration’s CFPB attempted to incorporate overly broad and unreasonable new anti-discrimination laws that go far beyond the statutory authority established in the Dodd-Frank Act. Seemingly aware of its own impropriety, CFPB implemented the new rule discreetly through its 2,000 page “examination manual” rather than going through the standard rule-change process that would allow for public comment and judicial review.  

Unfortunately, this has become the new norm when it comes to the Biden Administration. The Biden Administration’s neglect for proper administrative processes and its attempts to radically change the country through executive overreach has infiltrated nearly every policy area, spanning from the radical climate agenda to the billion-dollar student loan giveaway. This wrong-headed approach has eroded principles of federalism and the separation of powers, and has imposed profoundly negative impacts upon the American people. 

As the brief states: “Employer regulation, antidiscrimination, consumer protection—these are all fundamental aspects of the States’ police power. Again, States already have antidiscrimination statutes, they already protect consumers, and they already regulate these types of entities. If CFPB is going to intrude on that sphere of authority, it must have clear authorization to do so, and it simply does not.” 

To read the full amicus brief, click here.