Attorney General Paxton has joined an Alabama-led letter sent to Congressional leaders, requesting that they put an end to the Biden Administration’s liberal use of emergency powers, especially by the Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) and the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”).  

The Biden Administration has attempted to use the pandemic as a pretext for instituting a number of unrelated left-wing policy objectives. HHS and FDA have also abused the emergency powers to force vaccine injections, which can have severe, adverse side effects on young children and healthy adults even though they are the least likely to be impacted by Covid-19.  

Despite President Biden previously saying that “the pandemic is over,” his Administration has used this same pandemic—and continues to use it—as the justification for unprecedented expansions of executive power. 

It is incumbent upon Speaker McCarthy and the new Congress to help restore the Constitutional order in Washington by limiting President Biden’s authority to use these emergency powers. Such unchecked authority is dangerous, particularly when wielded by this Administration, which has shown an unprecedented willingness to unlawfully expand federal power.  

The letter states: “While many local abuses of authority have subsided, the Biden Administration continues to abuse and attempt to expand its authority even today. Therefore, the new Congress should act swiftly to clarify and amend the various statutory emergency authority provisions which FDA and HHS have abused in their unrealistic and impractical quest to operate under emergency authority indefinitely.” 

To read the full letter, click here.