Attorney General Paxton secured a victory in his lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s unlawful vaccine mandate for federal contractors. Following litigation by Texas and others across the country, the Biden Administration has withdrawn these illegal requirements.  

“Joe Biden egregiously exceeded his authority in his attempt to force all federal contractors to be vaccinated or face losing their jobs. It is beneath contempt for a President to threaten a worker’s ability to feed their family to achieve compliance with his mandates,” said Attorney General Paxton. “The reversal of this abusive and oppressive mandate is a win for families, individual liberty, and the right of all federal contractors to work without fearing that the Biden Administration’s arbitrary rules will put them out of a job.” 

Despite knowing the federal government lacked the authority to take such drastic measures, Joe Biden ignored the constitutional limits of his power and worked to coerce the hardworking public into taking COVID-19 vaccines. His unlawful mandates would have forced vaccinations on over 80 million American workers and threatened roughly $7.3 billion in federal contracts awarded to the State of Texas.  

Ultimately, Joe Biden forced Texans to choose between their livelihoods and their fundamental constitutional rights. Attorney General Paxton fought successfully for those rights, and the Biden Administration has announced that it will no longer pursue this forced vaccination policy beginning on May 12, after the COVID-19 public health emergency powers ended.