Attorney General Ken Paxton commends a federal district court’s decision to issue a preliminary injunction after the Biden Administration capriciously revoked Texas’s Medicaid waiver extension. In January, the federal government approved Texas’s extension, which benefited the millions of Texans receiving Medicaid. But just a few months later, Biden wrongly and unilaterally rescinded the agreement. The court agreed that the Administration’s decision violated federal law, keeping Texas’s sound waiver extension in place.

“The Biden Administration continues to believe they can violate federal law again and again. Here, their disgusting power grab would have ripped a $30 billion hole in Texas’s budget, as well as sacrificed the well-being of many vulnerable Texans, on top of this move being a flagrant violation of the fundamentals of a constitutional republic,” Attorney General Paxton said. “This deplorable attempt to force our state into expanding Medicaid—the Biden Administration’s ultimate goal—was illegal, and we will continue to fight against every political ploy this Administration throws at us.”

Read the preliminary injunction here.