“It is my great honor to be back to work this week. The Office of the Attorney General has redoubled our focus on countless issues facing the state, including opposing illegal immigration, defending election integrity, holding predatory corporations to account, and fighting for the rule of law against the Biden Administration’s executive overreach. 

After we were disrupted by four months of wasteful and destructive political theater, we have much to do. Our country is suffering under Joe Biden’s heartless presidency. Communities are being torn apart by his illegal alien invasion. Lives are being ruined by a justice system he has weaponized against his political opponents. Even here in Texas, many politicians are following Biden’s example, selfishly sacrificing rule of law to serve their own interests. That is no legacy to leave. They will destroy our beloved nation if they continue. Future generations will have nothing if we cannot save our country from corrupt, tyrannical, power-hungry politicians. Justice ultimately prevailed in the fraudulent effort to remove me from office, but that dark period cautions us how vigorously we must defend our rights. 

Thank you to my wife, Angela, and my children, for your love and support. Thank you to Governor Abbott for his continued faith in me and for his leadership during this process. Thank you to First Assistant Attorney General Brent Webster and Provisional Attorneys General John Scott and Angela Colmenero for guiding the agency during my absence. Thank you to every OAG employee for your dedication and effort in the face of uncertainty. And thank you to my cherished fellow Texans, who have entrusted me with the privilege of serving as your Attorney General. I will never back down.”