Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has secured a settlement with Multi Media, LLC, the operator of “Chaturbate,” one of the most visited pornographic websites on the internet, to ensure the company complies with state age verification laws. In the settlement, Multi Media will use an age verification service on the Chaturbate website to ensure compliance. 

In March, Attorney General Paxton sued the company for failing to abide by HB 1181, a Texas law requiring purveyors of obscene material to institute reasonable age verification systems to protect minors from being exposed to adult content. Companies violating the age verification requirements will be subject to fines of up to $10,000 per day, an additional $10,000 per day if the entity illegally retains identifying information, and $250,000 if a child is exposed to pornographic content due to not properly verifying a user’s age. 

Attorney General Paxton has sued other major pornography companies such as Hammy Media and Aylo Global for similar violations of Texas law. 

“It’s a very positive development that this company has decided to follow the law and begin reasonable age verification measures designed to protect Texas children from harmful material,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Other pornography companies should follow this example and willingly choose to do the right thing and abide by the law.”

To read the agreement, click here.