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March 2015

3/26/2015:Court Grants General Paxton’s Request for Preliminary Injunction to Halt Obama Administration’s Proposed FMLA Rule
3/25/2015:Attorney General Paxton Objects to Sale of Texans’ Personal Data in RadioShack Bankruptcy Case
3/24/2015:Attorney General Paxton: We Will Vigorously Oppose the President’s Illegal Amnesty
3/23/2015:Attorney General Paxton: Marriage Has Been Clearly Defined by Texas Voters
3/18/2015:Texas Attorney General Paxton Sues Department of Labor Over FMLA Rule
3/18/2015:Attorney General Paxton’s Office to Prosecute Two South Texas Men for Voter Fraud
3/17/2015:Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Stands Up for 2nd Amendment Rights
3/12/2015:Media Advisory: Randall Wayne Mays scheduled for execution
3/12/2015:Attorney General Paxton: We Will Continue to Oppose the President’s Lawlessness
3/11/2015:National Review Op-Ed: General Paxton Discusses Fight Against President Obama’s Illegal Amnesty
3/6/2015:Attorney General Paxton Appoints Seven to Choose Life Advisory Committee
3/5/2015:Attorney General Paxton Asks Federal Judge for Discovery to Investigate Obama Administration Misrepresentation
3/4/2015:Media Advisory: Manuel Vasquez scheduled for execution
3/4/2015:Attorney General Paxton Statement on King v. Burwell
3/3/2015:Attorney General Paxton Responds to Obama Administration Request to Stay Executive Amnesty Ruling
3/2/2015:Attorney General Paxton: Protect Yourself From Scammers

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