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February 2015

2/27/2015:San Antonio Man Sentenced in Sex Trafficking of Minors Scheme
2/26/2015:Bell County Constables Conduct Child Support Roundup
2/25/2015:Attorney General Paxton Speaks at Heritage Foundation Discussion on the Case Against President Obama’s Executive Amnesty
2/23/2015:Consumer Alert: Beware of Spam Emails Claiming to Originate from the Texas Attorney General, Threatening Arrest
2/23/2015:Attorney General Paxton Vows to Continue Fight to Stop President Obama’s Lawless Amnesty
2/20/2015:Attorney General Paxton: Texas Stands Ready to Defend Rule of Law
2/20/2015:Attorney General Paxton Seeks Writ of Mandamus from Texas Supreme Court
2/19/2015:Attorney General Paxton: Texas Supreme Court Upholds Constitution, Stays Rulings
2/19/2015:Attorney General Paxton: Activist Judges Don’t Change Texas Law
2/18/2015:Attorney General Paxton Intervenes In Travis County Marriage Case; Requests Stay from Texas Supreme Court
2/18/2015:Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Remarks: Wednesday, February 18, 2015
2/17/2015:Excerpts from Court Ruling Blocking President Obama’s Illegal Amnesty
2/17/2015:Attorney General Paxton: Judge's Order Blocking Obama a Victory for the Rule of Law
2/2/2015:Media Advisory: Donald Keith Newbury scheduled for execution

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