Ken Paxton


Electronic filing is now available! Visit the Public Information Act Electronic Filing System to start eFiling TODAY!

The Office of the Attorney General's (OAG) Open Records Division is now authorized to accept electronic submissions as part of the open records decision process.

Effective January 3, 2012, the Open Records Division of the OAG no longer accepts electronic submissions via fax or email. Pursuant to sections 552.308 and 552.309 of the Government Code, the following methods are the only means of timely submitting a request for decision, a notice or other documents to the Open Records Division of the OAG:

  • First Class United States Mail
  • Common or contract carrier
  • Interagency Mail
  • Hand delivery during normal business hours
  • Electronic submission through the OAG's designated Electronic Filing System

There is a $15 filing fee for electronic submissions through the OAG's Electronic Filing System. Should you choose not to use this optional system, you may still submit your documents to the OAG through the other methods listed above.

Governmental bodies may wish to inform interested parties, such as private entities submitting arguments to the OAG under section 552.305(d), of the availability of this electronic submission option.