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Open Records Questions are issues related to the Public Information Act the Open Records Division (ORD) plans to address in formal Open Records Decisions. These decisions usually address novel or problematic legal questions. The Attorney General signs these letters. The ORD may cite to Open Records Decisions as precedent in its rulings.

More often, the ORD issues Open Records Letter Rulings. These informal letter rulings are based on established law and practice. These letters are signed by assistant attorney generals in the ORD.

The ORD may also issue Memorandum Rulings. The ORD issues a shortened or memorandum ruling when requests that relate to types of information that are often requested and present no new or difficult issues. Memorandum rulings allow the ORD to issue a ruling quickly—usually within 10 or 20 days.

Unlike Open Records Decisions, letter rulings only apply to the specific documents and circumstances surrounding them. Do not cite letter rulings as precedent when briefing this office on new matters.