Prompt Access to Information

A governmental body must produce information to you promptly if the information is not confidential or otherwise excepted from disclosure.

Equal Treatment with all Other Requestors

A governmental body must treat you the same as other requestors.

Cost Estimates

A governmental body must send you an estimate of charges in advance.  If you believe you have been overcharged for public information, you may submit a complaint to our office.

Inspection or Copies of the Requested Information

You can choose whether you want to inspect the information you requested, receive copies of the information you requested, or both.

To Be Informed

A governmental body must notify you if it decides to seek a ruling from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).  The governmental body must also copy you on its written comments to the OAG, including its reasons any exceptions apply to the requested information.  

Official PIA Poster

The Public Information Act (PIA) requires governmental bodies to prominently display a public information sign.  The sign must be the official PIA Poster created by the OAG.  The poster describes the basic rights and responsibilities of requestors under the PIA.  The poster also describes the responsibilities of governmental bodies under the PIA.  The poster must be plainly visible to requestors.  The poster must also be plainly visible to governmental employees who receive and respond to public information requests.