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Hunting And Fishing


Greg Abbott

Fishing crab traps in public waters privately owned submerged lands; licensed crab fishermen need not obtain permission from owner of submerged land|Public water, tidal waters which flow over privately owned submerged land are public waters and may be used by the public for fishing, navigation, and recreational use

John Cornyn

Killing of feral pigeons, a city may not by ordinance forbid but "pigeon shoot" may constitute cruelty to animals|Prohibition by ordinance of organized pigeon shoot may be, but is not necessarily preempted by Penal Code preemption provision unless ordinance is in conflict with cruelty to animals statute|Killing of feral pigeons explicitly authorized by Parks and Wildlife Code

Jim Mattox

Finfish harvested by licensed commercial shrimpers, licensed shrimper need not obtain commercial finfish license in addition to general commercial fisherman's license in order to sell