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Land Surveying, Board Of Professional


Greg Abbott

"Retired status," Board of Professional Land Surveying may not establish for its registrants, in order to set a reduced renewal fee and waive continuing education requirements

John Cornyn

Professional Services Procurement Act applies to services obtained by prime contractor that are a component part of a governmental contract|Professional Services Procurement Act does not require professional to determine whether potential contract subject to Act's competitive bidding prohibition|Professional Services Procurement Act compliance standards, scope of Board rule prohibiting land surveyor from submitting competitive bid to a governmental entity

John Cornyn

Activities in measuring land are not "surveying" within enabling act, no authority to regulate persons whose|Plats of oil well locations filed pursuant to commission rule need not be prepared by registered professional surveyor|Surveying|Plat

Ken Paxton

 Authority of a licensed professional engineer to certify a subdivision plat in specific circumstances