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Taxes And Exemptions


Ken Paxton

Ad valorem property tax exemption for higher education institutions

Ken Paxton

Local option homestead exemption from the amount that was adopted for the 2014 tax year through the 2019 tax year; Tax Code subsection 11.13(n-1) prohibits a school district, municipality, or county from repealing or reducing the

Ken Paxton

A county equalization tax under former chapter 18, Education Code, appears to provide a county school board operating thereunder meaningful discretion with regard to the tax such that a court could determine that the tax is not constitutionally infirm under article VIII, section 1-e.

Ken Paxton

Homestead tax exemption establishing floor greater than amount set in Texas Constitution article VIII, § 1-b(e) - authority of home-rule municipality to adopt|Homestead tax exemption establishing floor greater than amount set in Texas Constitution article VIII § 1-b(e) - authority of home-rule city to adopt|Homestead tax exemption - $5,000 floor set in Texas Constitution article VIII § 1-b(e) may not be increased by home-rule municipality|Property tax exemption - chief appraiser determines individual's right to exemption and has duty to determine an exemption is inapplicable to extent it violates the law

Greg Abbott

Tax Code section 26.07, if a municipality\\'s ad valorem rollback rate is zero, and it adopts a tax rate above zero, the qualified voters of the municipality by petition may require that an election be held to determine whether or not to reduce the ad valorem tax rate back to zero under|Article VIII, section 1-b(h)Texas Constitution, a municipality with an ad valorem tax rate of zero, upon receiving a properly filed petition from five percent of authorized voters, must hold an election to determine whether to freeze the total amount of ad valorem taxes imposed on property that is subject to a residence homestead exemption owned by a person that is disabled or is 65 years of age or older under