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Ken Paxton

Agritourism - statutory limitations on liability for private property owners when private aircraft lands for agritourism purposes

Greg Abbott

Texas Corn Producers Board, authority to assess corn ensilage|Corn ensilage, authority to assess

Greg Abbott

Farm vehicle, owner of a vehicle used to transport birds, rats, mice, hamsters and similar animals for sale to pet shops may not register it as a|Farm vehicle\r\nLivestock\r\nPoultry

Greg Abbott

Tax Code section 11.161, Comptroller\\'s interpretation of, that a cattle feedlot is engaged in the \\"production of farm or ranch products\\" is reasonable and does not contravene any statute

Dan Morales

Agricultural cooperative marketing associations, member of non-citrus-related cooperative limited to one vote|Agricultural cooperative marketing associations, citrus-related cooperative may provide for a member association to have more than one vote with certain stipulations regarding payment of stock dividends and/or membership capital|Capper-Volstead Act, exemption of agricultural cooperative marketing associations from federal antitrust laws basis for one vote limitation in Agriculture Code provision

John Cornyn

Commerce Clause, court would find that state statute requiring imported meat to bear label disclosing country of origin violates, but would not find state statute requiring state agency or political subdivision to purchase only domestic beef violates|Imported meat, court would find state statute requiring imported meat to bear label disclosing country of origin violates U.S. Constitution, but would not find unconstitutional state statute requiring state agencies and political subdivisions to purchase

Ken Paxton

Estray laws are to be enforced by the county sheriff whether the county has adopted a local-option stock law or remains an open-range area.