Greg Abbott


Term \\"classroom set\\" of textbooks, as defined by the SBOE|University open-source textbooks, a classroom set of textbooks can include|Authority under section 31.0241 of the Education Code to decline to place an open-source textbook on the conforming or nonconforming list if disagree with an eligible institution’s determination that the textbook qualifies for placement on the conforming or nonconforming list, SBOE has no|Administrative penalty for violations under subchapter D, chapter 31 of the Education Code on a university that is properly characterized as a publisher, SBOE has authority to impose|Open-enrollment charter school or school district that acquires a university open-source textbook at a cost below the cost limit established under section 31.0251(a) of the Education Code is entitled to a credit|Request that a student be allowed to take home any textbook, including one that is part of a classroom set, if the textbook is used by the student and is available, a parent is entitled to and a district or school must honor|Technological equipment is not property of the state, under section 31.021

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