Ken Paxton

SAPCS-Federal Grant Program

On-line registration is required to apply for SAPCS-Federal funding for FY 2019. All Applicants must use this Registration Form to register their intent to apply for grant funding.

Note: On-line registration is required for each grant type for which an application will be submitted.

Applicants will need the following to complete the registration process:

  • Tax identification number
  • Secretary of State Charter Number
  • Project specific information.

Applicants can refer to the PDF versions of the FY 2019 Application Kits posted on our web page as necessary throughout the registration process. Please note you will not be able to download an Excel version of the Application until you have completed registration.

Helpful hint: Download the Excel application at the time registration is completed. Once registration closes, the applications will not be available for download.

The authorized official will receive an email confirmation that you have completed Step One and a reminder to complete Step Two if you have not done so. You will also receive an email once you have completed Step Two. The email confirmation completion of Step Two will contain your Unique Application Number that will need to be included on your application. Be sure to print all information for your records.

Completing the on-line Registration Form does not mean you have applied for a grant. Applicants must also submit an Application by the due date in addition to completing this Applicant Registration Process.

By participating in this on-line Applicant Registration process:

  • Applicants will be able to register for an SAPCS-Federal Application. (See Application Kit for funding levels.)
  • Applicants that complete the on-line process will receive a Unique Application Number.
  • The Unique Application Number will be used by the OAG to track the receipt of applications when later submitted.
  • Applications will not be considered unless the on-line Registration process has first been completed.

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