Ken Paxton

News Feeds

If you already have a news reader (what's that?) on your computer, you can add Attorney General feeds by selecting a feed from the list below. Copy and paste the URL of the feed file into your news reader. If you have not already installed a news reader on your computer, read more below about where to find a free news reader for downloading.

The following News Feeds are available:

(Copy-and-paste the URL into your News Feed Reader.)

  • News Releases
  • News Releases (in Spanish)
  • Opinions
  • Senior Alerts
  • Senior Alerts (in Spanish)

What is a News Reader?

A news reader is a special kind of software that periodically checks a Web site's news feed file and notifies you if any new content has been posted. It's somewhat similar to bookmarking a page in your Web browser, except your feed reader will automatically check the feed at a time interval you set. Your feed reader then displays any new content, usually as a list of the latest headlines from each source, with a link to the full content on the Web.

From a technical perspective, a news feed is a small data file that a site lists the most recent items posted on that site. The file is in a simple dialect of XML and is automatically generated. By notifying people interested in the new content, the site is "feeding" them the new items, hence the term "news feed."

Where to find a free News reader

A number of news readers are available on the Internet. They include Feedreader (free), FeedDemon, NewsGator (which integrates into MS Outlook), and many others. A fairly large list of news readers can be found here. Choose any one of these options to download a news reader. Save the setup file for the reader to your hard drive. Then open the setup file, which will have an exe extension, and follow instructions for installing the news reader and placing an icon on your desktop.

When you open the reader and try to to add a new feed, you will be prompted to enter a URL. To get the URL for the OAG News Release page, click on the XML button on that page and copy the URL of the news feed file. Paste the URL into your reader.