Texas Attorney General Offices Map

This page displays Texas Attorney General offices in an interactive Google Map. Offices are displayed according to categories where each category is represented by a different color marker. Detailed instructions below.

Office Categories
  • A/L - Administration & Legal
  • CS - Child Support
  • CPD - Consumer Protection
  • MFCU - Medicaid Fraud
  • CID - Criminal Investigations
  • COL - Colonias
Click on a tab below to see only the locations that house offices of that category.

Offices By City


  • Click on a category tab to see only those locations that house an office of that category.
  • Click on a city name to show a list of offices in that city.
  • Click on an office name to see the address and location of that office.
  • Click on a marker for information about offices housed at that location.
  • Hover your mouse over a marker to see the address of that location.
  • Note that many of our locations house more than one office.
  • Use your mouse to pan around the map.
  • Zoom in/out by clicking the appropriate links in the top left of the map.
  • Clicking "State View" centers and zooms the map to include the entire state of Texas.
  • If you do not see any markers on the map, try zooming out or panning around the map. If you are zoomed out to see the entire State of Texas and still do not see any markers, try reloading this page.
  • This map is a service of Google. Google offers detailed instructions about navigating their maps.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information displayed.
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Revised: August 09, 2012